Wednesday, 07 March 2018

Frequently asked questions about Chinjak Festival

Q1. What is the name of the mother organization of Chinjak Festival and is it registered?

Ans: Its, Innovative Youth Society, Imphal. Yes, it is registered under the Manipur Societies Registration Act bearing registration number 446/M/SR/2010 with its office address at Nagamapal RIMS Road opp. Nityainanda Temple, Imphal-West, Manipur.

Q2. What is the motive of Innovative Youth Society?

Ans: To take up grass root level initiatives for a developed society and to be a composite element for establishing a successful Tourism Industries in Manipur .

Q3. What does the Society do to achieve the objective?

Ans: Since the year of establishment, as an initial steps, the Society has plan to organize a Food festival called Chinjak Festival which could be a major component of a Tourism industries.

Q4. What is Chinjak Festival?

Ans: Chinjak festival is a festival of traditional and indigenous food of the region, participated and represented by various ethnic communities of the region exclusively)

Q5. What are the obstacles that has to be faced for achieving the goal.

Ans: Mobilization of like minded people, Inconvenience of communication during the field research work, as the necessity of a research finding and the history of food shall be the basis of developing the existing food to a global standard. As the first phase of promotion has to be represented and participated by the belonging communities in order to proof the authentication of the food in which the majority of the participant are less educated, therefore was a big challenge to insert the knowledge of modern education of food producing , catering and services respectively. The mobilization of the general masses for popularizing the forbidden taste of the native food was not less challenging then the previous one. Lack of Financial support during the organization of the Festival

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