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Name of the Organisation : Innovative Youth Society

Registered Address : Nagamapal RIMS Road Opp. Nityainanda Temple, Imphal- West District,

Manipur- 795001

Registration No. : 446/M/SR/2010

Area of Activity : North Eastern States of India

Contact Numbers : 9856087577 / 9774352975 / 8014575649

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President: Thounaojam (o) Nalini Devi

Vice-Presient: Engudam Ibotomba Singh

Secretary: Khuraijam Athouba

Asst. Secretary: Sapam Shenan Mangang

Treasures: Usham Bentosh Meetei

External Correspondance: Gaikhamdim Marangmei


Needless to mention that, food is the basic foundation of our life. Today, what is even more important is the question of hygienic food. Are the food we take daily hygienic enough for our body? Are the nutrient contents enough to meet the demand of the body? With the change in our lifestyle and work, our food habits also change. At the same time there is influx of various food items from across the states. IYS understand the inevitability of the market forces gaining ground in every nook and corner of the world. Of most of the foods that come to the market, only a few have the stamp of quality. The rest are not checked of its hygienicity. Life has become so fast, but it does not mean that fast food should be the only food. At this backdrop it has become more important for us to rediscover the values of our indigenous food, the beauty and its art of our traditional food. Our own food which has been handed from our fore fathers, from generations, which has been relished till today from the days of yore. The glitz and hype of marketed foods have overshadowed our indigenous food. People tend to go by the endorsement of television commercials. Children, particularly, insist parents to buy food stuff that are shown on the TV.  Therefore, it has become a challenge and as well a responsibility for the IYS to take up the task of PPP. Why cannot our indigenous food have a place on the tables of hotels across the globe? We believe, and we can. 

It is the endeavour of IYS to bring about a consciousness of the value of the indigenous food. Chinjak Festival is the right platform for exploring the possibilities.
Many life style diseases like Diabetes, Obesity, Hypertension and Cardio Vascular related illness have direct consequences with the food we eat. One of the key factors is the intake of fast foods. These can be controlled or overcome by good food habit. Almost all our indigenous foods are good food. Rich in vitamins and high calorific value contain. Why should not we encourage it? Our attempt is not only to bring back the lost heritage of our Chinjak, but also to rekindle the profundity of our tradition; that is the tradition of good food habit, which is the way to healthy life.



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