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Thank you for your interest in Chinjak Festival, You are eligible to take part in the festival yet we have certain Terms and Conditions which you need to look at and fulfil it.

1. At the very first place your food items should be exclusively traditional and Indigenous one.

2. Food items to be produced should be unique from the other stalls.

3. A maximum of 3 food items is allowed to produce per stall and beverages can be add-on.

4. An amount of Rs.10000 shall be charged for lateral registration. After which you will be registered as a part of the Chinjak Festival Team, and will be a member of Chinjak Festival for next 5 years. You need to be very specific about the food item you will produce. As our team has already produced 104 traditional and indigenous food items in the previous festival and therefore you need to innovate new food from our local resources. As an encouragement we would like to suggest some possible foods that we are looking for, that is you can work on Chak-Hao foods and Local Fish like Pengba and Ngaton which is really a Chinjak Festival Foodies favourite one. If you succeed in it then you shall be considered as our Objective Participant and your terms of registration shall be reduced.Registration will start from the 10th April in Imphal. I have attached a file for more on terms and conditions!!!

Terms and Conditions

1. Participants should have a regular business establishment for the items he / she is going to produce in the Festival.

2. A Registration Fee of Rs. 4000/- (Rupees Two Thousand only) is mandatory for local invitee participants and Rs. 7000/- (Rupees five thousand only) for commercial participants. And in case of foreign participants Rs.10000/- (Rupees ten thousand only)

3. All the necessary apparatus is to be brought by the participant themselves for setting up of a kitchen.

4. Every participants shall be provided a stall of 8x8 Sq.ft.(Kitchen)&8x6 (Service) area approximately.

5. Punctuality is a must during the festival hour.

6. Festival hours shall be from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

7. A Verification Certificate of Business establishment or from the Local Councillor / Pradhan is necessary.

8. Inebriate / Drunkard is strictly prohibited within the campus and during the festival.

9. Traditional / Indigenous and local foods of the participating community is to be produced in the festival.

10. A participant can be accompanied by a maximum of two associates.

11. Every associates should bring 2 (two) stamp size photographs for Identity Card.

12. Any loss or damage in the property of the Chinjak Festival issued by the organizer shall be held responsible by the person who commits.

13. A participant shall be responsible for their associates, associates shall approach to the organizer through their participants.

14. . A participant shall not use the space provided in the campus for any improper / immoral / unlawful for abusive purpose.

15. Any inconvenience or problems should be first report to the concern in-charge / Manager of the Organizer before taking any further steps.

16. Cleanliness of the stalls and kitchens shall be the priority for all the participants above the quality of the foods.

17. Any decision taken by the organizer will be final and the terms and conditions mentioned above may be changed from time to time with or without prior notice to the participants.

18. Dining plates / spoons / doona / disposable utilities will be provided by the organizer in the Festival Campus at a very cheap cost.

19. Every participant is advised to participate on the workshop which will be schedule ahead of the Chinjak Festival, without fail.

20. Accomodation for invitees foreign participant shall be provided by the organizer at free of cost.


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